WISPOT is a fantastic tool of communication with your clients and contributors. With it you can display sales, products and services through your company's WiFi.


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Wi-Fi Solutions

WISPOT has a complete team to assist you in creating all your WiFi projects. Enjoy it!


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Interactivity with each

Does your company offer WiFi to clients? Why not promote your products and services and get positive results through this channel?

With that you get to know each connected client, creating a powerful tool of communication.

• Clients gathering and loyalty
• Filters by audience
• Totally customized tool
• Customized sales
• Polls creation
• Total access control
• Total security in connections and data


Extremely Simple  


Your Wi-Fi

Your visitor finds the WISPOT network and connects.



A custom welcome screen is displayed.


Your ads

Then, it's directed to your advertisement.


Internet released

Your visitor now has free internet access.


Complete Control Panel

The control panel provides information about each client. With a simple and intuitive format, you can identify, monitor accesses, control and record the visualization of each information. 


Detailed and dynamic visualization

Name, age range, gender, connections, platform, access and visitors by order, including the Top 5 of Visitors.


All about your visitors

Custom groups, multiple filter options, export to Excel, pre-registration of various devices etc.


Interactive campaigns

See, in a simple way, all your campaigns created, with filters that help you to choose your audience.



View in real time who's connected to your network. Simultaneous analysis for a better perception.


Create intuitive campaigns according to each audience.
A piece of cake.


See all points and set welcome screens for each one. Easy to control the profiles of your network. 


Conquer your clients with targeted campaigns and display your products through your WiFi.

Social media

The accesses can be made through Facebook, Google or by a simple register. 


A new way of communication, straight into your clients. Create targeted campaigns.


App created for you to identify and track your real-time connections. Wide sight.


Integrate the WISPOT system with others, such as WIMAP, WIQUEST, MYGUEST, ERPs and CRMs.

Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet

With WISPOT you regularize your establishment and prevent the misuse of your Wi-Fi network.

The Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Marco Civil) law foresees civil and criminal penalties to those who offer access to the internet and cannot identify the user in case of infringement.

*Check out your country's internet legislation.


Your marketing team
Likes it

Your marketing team gains one more disclosure channel of your products and services. With your clients data it's much simplier to create targeted campaigns. By gender, e-mail, likes in social media and more.


Marketing services

Collecting data and displaying ads are just a part of the huge possibilities that open up with this communication channel.



Get a custom design according to your company's visual identity. Our expert team of designers will help you to create all your pieces.



Look nice is not enough if you don't have a target and a goal for your campaigns to succeed. Talk to our team.



Get accurate reports and make a detailed study of your audience. The WISPOT professionals can make this easier to conduct.



Count on an innovate team that always seeks the best for your company. Productive meetings make the path easier. Request a quote.

Creations for
All types of media

The WISPOT marketing area will be at your disposal to prepare the pieces that will be released through your WiFi.  

Leverage your audience information, coordinating targeted campaigns, promoting sales and, above all, bringing your relationship with clients to a new level.


Visual the way you
Want it

Have you ever imagined having all the graphic illustrations of your campaigns according to your company's visual identity?

With the art creation services, allied to marketing, you make the most of using this tool. Targeted campaigns to each type of audience.

Our services cover much more than what's presented. If you want to create a relationship with your audience through digital channels that make a difference, talk to us. WISPOT is the perfect solution for you.


Successful Case

On Mother's Day, the brazilian company Água Doce Cachaçaria oppened the lunch to the public, offering, exceptionally on this day, beef ribs. There was a fear that, for being a new initiative, the communication wouldn't be enough for clients to know about the event.

All advertising channels were used, forming an integrated communication (waiters, radios, social media and especially WiFi). 

Whoever connected to WiFi was receiving  the information, so everyone who accessed the internet in the restaurant knew about the novelty.

WISPOT Plans and Solutions

If you already have solutions that can integrate to WISPOT, contact us. Different prices for simultaneous connection quantitites.


Check out
Prices for acquisition
  • Equipment (antenna)
    up to 40 simultaneous connections 
  • Full access to the WISPOT system
  • Remote support
  • Contact us for more info


Check out
Solutions embedded
  • If you have an embedded OPENWRT solution or tool, we can help you
  • Ease of integration
  • Partner plans
  • Technical assistance


Check out
Solutions embedded
  • If your company has a CAMBIUM equipment, we can help you with the integration
  • Ease of integration
  • Partner plans
  • Technical assistance


Check out
Solutions included
  • Need some help with everything related to the WiFi system?
    Talk to us
  •  Marketing
  • Installations
  • Technical assistance

LICENSES FOR LEASE EQUIPMENT - Prices valid for 2018. For equipment not purchased at Wispot, a remote license installation fee will be charged. Equipment prices can be changed without prior notice, per billing region. Freight not inlcuded.

Successful Partnerships

Actia of Brasil is a service integrator that is growing every day.

WISPOT is integrated with the equipment and services of Actia of Brasil. A successful partnership, which began with the insertion of WISPOT into equipment installed on buses in various locations. Currently, the partnership covers Brazil and Latin America.  

The ACTIA Group always takes global solutions to local markets, using its expertise to provide quality services for each segment, with reliability, technology and innovation.

Let's create a successful partnership like Actia's?
Come and be a WISPOT partner.

Get to know other Tools

You can integrate WISPOT with a variety of tools. So you complement your strategies and get to know each client accurately.



WIQUEST is a creation tool of interactive and organic searches to better understand your clients. With real-time feedbacks, it improves your marketing strategies and sales of products and/or services.



Have you ever wondered how many people are close to your establishment? With WIMAP
you can identify clients in range of your company, even if they don't connect to WiFi.
Try it!



Charge or have full control over the internet you provide? With MYGUEST you can easily do that, through access vouchers or payment methods.
More information about it is coming soon.



Easily create coupons for distribution in your company. With this tool you can make amazing campaigns and send them to your audience through WiFi.
More information about this tool is coming soon.

Stay up to date with our
Technology lectures

WISPOT is always promoting and supporting lectures that discuss topics and innovations in IT, Digital Marketing, Design etc. Check out how our tools and services can contribute a lot to the communication of your company.

Latest lectures topics:
• Cambium Networks - Congress of Wireless Connectivity
• FIAP - Wispot Lecture: MBA in Digital Data Marketing
Social Marketing - Marketing through the Wi-Fi network
• Webinar - cnPilot WiFi Cambium Networks

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